RDRWind e.V. und die WAB e.V. unterzeichnen LOI in Bremerhaven

Hannover/Bremerhaven, 01.10.2020

In der Bremerhavener Stadthalle wurde der LOI am 4. September 2020 unterzeichnet. RDRWind e.V. freut sich auf die gute Zusammenarbeit.

Right after Annette Nuesslein's presentation at the WINDFORCE Conference on DIN SPEC 4866, a new industry standard for dismantling, disassembly, recycling and recovery, we signed an agreement with her outfit RDRWind e.V. to cooperate on this topic. We are set to exchange information for the further development of the standard, for the integration of offshore in a possible update of the standard, as well as to work together in joint research projects. The cooperation agreement also includes a cooperative industrial cluster development in the field of recycling management as well as the development of a quality seal. Here's to a successful cooperation!
Mehr erfahren: www.wab.net